12 Months - 3 Years Old (Accompanied by A Parent or Nanny/ Caregiver)

Baby Blossoms is a Parent & Toddler Playgroup that aims to introduce young children (ages 12 months – 3 years old) to the world beyond their homes. Children are given opportunities to develop their fine and gross motor skills, cognition and social interaction in a safe yet fun environment. Through various activity stations that utilise the five senses (sensorial activities), the session aims to ignite a child’s curiousity and self-exploration. Children will learn how to run, crawl, jump and interact with those around them. Essentially, Baby Blossoms is set to prepare infants for the preschool environment and learning in the future.

Baby Blossoms is not only for children, but for parents or nannies/ caregivers as well! Accompanying adults will receive guidance and tips from our instructor in class. At Anne Hill Enrichment Centre, we hope to create an encouraging space for parents to discuss and share their ideas with others. A healthy parent-teacher-child relationship plays an important role in establishing early learning success, and it is a core concept that we will introduce in our Baby Blossoms lessons.

* Kindly note that our classes will be conducted in English. Our instructor will frequently interact and communicate with the accompanying adult.

Examples of Activities
– Circle Time
– Sing Song
– Arts & Crafts
– Sensorial Activity Stations
– Simple Obstacle Challenges

Ms. Jacqueline Ketting is a gymnastic and acro teacher with more than 15 years of experience in the Netherlands. Being a mother of three young children, her interest includes working with children on their motor skills and cognitive development. After moving to Vietnam, she has taught at various centres and international schools for children from ages 10 months to 6 years old. Her passion is to help young children realise their full potential and encourage them to try new things.

Sessions and Fee
Baby Blossoms classes are scheduled on:
• 12 – 24 months old: 9 – 10 AM
• 12 – 18 months old: 9 – 10 AM
• 19 months – 3 years old: 10.15 – 11.15 AM

For more information on the fees, kindly refer to our Schedule of Fees here.

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