3.5 - 12 years old


Anne Hill Enrichment Centre’s dance classes are designed to help build children’s confidence towards dancing and performing in front of people. Through new lessons and techniques taught every week, they will be able to improve their motor skills and coordination. Students will also have the opportunity to experience a variety of dance styles and recognise different genres. The key objective is to become more comfortable with expressing themselves and most importantly – to stay active and have fun!

Currently we have Ballet and Hip Hop classes for students from 3.5 to 12 years old. More classes will be available in the future to cater to different genres. 


Our teacher

Mr. Julius Lagare started his dance training in Hip Hop and Classical Ballet. He was a former Principal dancer in the Atlanta Festival Ballet and a company-guest member of Ballethnic dance company – both based in Atlanta, Georgia. Julius is the Associate Artistic Director of Teatro Ambahanon Contemporary dance company in the Philiipines. He is also a founder and Artistic Director of LABYRINTH – a very young Contemporary Dance Company based in Saigon, Vietnam.



3.5 - 12 Years Old


3.5 - 8 Years Old

African Dance

6 - 9 Years Old

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3.5 - 12 years old

Hip Hop consists of a huge variety of dancing styles, ranging from simple bounces for younger children to complex body isolations for older kids. 

As the students learn the different styles that contribute to the fundamentals of Hip Hop, they will be able to gain more awareness of their body and build more confidence in order to freely express themselves through music and dance. 


3.5 - 8 years old

Through very basic techniques, the purpose of ballet class is to expose and plant a seed of appreciation for the art of dance in our students. Basic vocabularies are introduced to improve children’s musicality, confidence and social interaction. 


6 - 9 years old

African Dance is a broad term referring to the many dance styles from the cultures and countries of the African continent. At Anne Hill Enrichment Centre, we will focus on Traditional West African Dance.