6 - 9 Years Old

A termly Guitar/ Ukulele course that aims to bring joy to students as they learn a new instrument. Students will learn to play the basic chords, chord progressions and eventually a full song. Forget about boring theories – the goal is for students to sing and play the instrument at the same time!

By the end of the course, students will gain a foundation in musical coordination and performance while they strum to the beat. After all, performing is not only about playing the right notes but also communicating the emotions of the songs.

* Kindly note that Guitar and Ukulele are 2 separated term programmes; and one term is 11 weeks.

Mr. Mauricio Camacho is a professional singer/ composer born in Cali, Colombia and was the former singer of the successful rock band TOKE DE KEDA with more than 1.000 shows nationwide, and sharing the stage with the most famous Latin-American artists. His songs became No.1 hit in the charts of the radio stations of modern music and ballad pop rock in Latin America.

Apart from performing his music shows in Vietnam, teaching has become an important part of sharing his music experiences to the new generations by teaching vocal, guitar and ukulele lessons.

Class Schedule
• Ukulele

On Thursdays  at  3.30  –  4.30 PM
• Guitar
On Sundays  at  3.30 – 4.30 PM

For more information on the fees, kindly refer to our Schedule of Fees here.

* Please note that the fees do not include the instruments. Instruments are available for purchase at the AHE Centre.

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