All visitors including children will be temperature checked on arrival. Adults and primary school aged children must wear a mask at all times.  We also encourage parents to self-test their children at home before they come to class. Please do not send your children to class if they are experiencing symptoms such as cough, runny nose, fever and/or sore throat.
‘Mingling’ is not permitted at this time and parents will be kindly reminded to pick children up on time and leave the centre to avoid excess crowds. Please observe social distancing while you are at the centre. If a child feels unwell during lesson time, the parent will be informed and the child needs to be picked up as soon as possible. The child will leave the classroom while waiting to be picked up. 

For the safety of your child during class, please remove all jewellery and sharp accessories with the exception of medic alert necklaces/bracelets. Students are not permitted to bring valuables such as electronic equipment and other personal items such as toys to our Centre unless requested by the Teacher. The Centre accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal items brought to the Centre.


Please kindly note that in order to avoid disrupting classes, we seek your understanding to wait outside at the waiting area until the class has ended (unless the teacher has requested for your participation in the class). In addition, for security reasons, Teachers and the Teaching Assistants will not be permitted to bring a child out of the Centre to the car pick up area or elsewhere. Parents and authorized individuals must be present at the Centre to fetch the child. In the event that you’re unable to collect your child, please call or message us. Your child’s safety is our priority.


In order to protect the privacy of our children and teachers, parents are not allowed to take photos or videos in the enrichment centre. For marketing purposes, we will be taking occasional photos of your children and posting them on our website and Facebook page. If you have any objections to your children(s) photos being taken/posted, please feel free to inform us and we will refrain from doing so.

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