Since 1990, Julia Gabriel Centre in Singapore has successfully empowered learners of all ages – children and adults – to enjoy language and become effective communicators.

As a shy child growing up in England in the early 1960s, founder, Julia Gabriel, discovered the power of bringing words alive imaginatively and expressively through drama. What inspired Julia then, continues to inspire educators and staff across the organisation today.

Julia Gabriel Centre strongly believes that the ability to communicate ideas clearly and confidently, to think creatively and to focus on solutions, are the skills our children need both for today and the future. Speech and Drama gives children the opportunity to develop these skills.

Julia Gabriel Speech & Drama Programmes

At the heart of the Speech and Drama programmes is EduDrama®, a unique approach to learning that empowers each individual through a variety of expressive media including voice, movement, art, music, text and performance.  EduDrama’s methodology focuses on each individual’s strengths, inspiring a desire to learn and achieve because the environment is always positive and activities always fun! 

Drama is used in a variety of forms to captivate our students’ imaginations. For instance: poetry and prose to expose children to different genres and the natural rhythm of language; storytelling to explore creativity and self-expression; sharing ideas and opinions through discussion and role-play; and speech exercises to develop articulate, expressive speaking. Every experience is a journey towards developing confident and effective communication in Standard English.

Over the years, thousands of children have benefitted from Julia Gabriel Centre’s Speech and Drama programmes, moving on to enjoy success in school and life.


Through exposure to positive role-models, and with consistent practice, over time children benefit from:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased enjoyment of learning
  • A growing command of language
  • Enthusiasm and confidence to perform
  • Desire to share and present ideas
  • Increased physical control
  • Desire to read / a love of literature

To know more about Julia Gabriel Speech and Drama programmes and EduDrama philosophy, please visit www.juliagabriel.com.

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