3.5 - 6 Years Old | 7 - 9 Years Old

Music & Movement is a fun and dynamic programme that incorporates elements of music, dance, singing, fitness and games. Through songs, choreography and movement, students are given a chance to develop their strength, balance, rhythm, coordination and flexibility. Besides physical skills, the programme also encourages students to express themselves in a positive and nurturing environment. Interpersonal skills, confidence and self-esteem are essential for children as they grow older.

At Anne Hill Enrichment Centre, our classes are structured in such a way that students are able to warm-up, have fun and learn a dance/song. Ultimately by the end of the term, we aim to prepare our children for a performance in front of their families and friends.

Mr. Keoni Lambert Keoni‘s passion has always been working and teaching with children. This passion started at the age of 12 where he would volunteer with his mother to help at the paediatric therapy network and teach children with special needs through music and dance.
Keoni then went on to teach child development classes as well as sports and gymnastic classes for the next few years. He was also the owner of a franchisee of My Gym Children’s Fitness Center for five years before returning to the entertainment business where he worked as project manager for All Access. Through this he got the opportunity to work on large shows such as the Super Bowl, Grammys and Emmys.
However, doing this helped him realise that he miss teaching children. That is how he end up living in Vietnam currently. He is still working with children – singing, dancing and teaching every day. He looks forward to interacting and helping students to reach their full potential through Music & Movement at Anne Hill Enrichment Centre.

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