So be the change you want to see !

Every child is unique and creative in his or her own way. All they need is a little confidence. A little faith in their ability to make their dreams come true.  

At Anne Hill Enrichment Centre, our central philosophy is to awaken student’s belief in themselves. In all of our classes, we encourage each child to explore their personal achievements, strengths and interests in a structured teaching approach. Through a variety of learning mediums, activities and materials, we believe that learning is never boring when the mind is curious.


⭐ Part of An International School
Anne Hill Enrichment Centre operates in partnership with Anne Hill International School (AHI) where the Julia Gabriel Curriculum from Singapore is used for its Speech & Drama programme. The courses at our Centre are designed to be supplementary to all school-goers. Whether students are from AHI or other schools, they are able to experience enrichment classes beyond their classrooms. This can be during afterschool or weekends.

Empowering The Future Leaders
Students are empowered to build interpersonal skills and confidence. They are encouraged to speak their mind in a nurturing environment where teachers and classmates respect each other’s opinions.

⭐ Diverse Selection of Courses
Confidence and interpersonal skills can be built through various ways. We have a diverse selection of enrichment courses that are structured to appeal to different interests and age groups. Students can choose from courses such as Speech & Drama.

⭐ Experienced and Enthusiastic Teachers
We ensure we have teachers with a proven track record of teaching and that they bring energy and enthusiasm to the classroom to engage the students. Our teachers’ main priority is to ensure students are motivated to learn and love coming to class.

⭐ Affordable Price
Similar to Anne Hill International School’s philosophy, we aim to offer a range of qualified and affordable enrichment programmes in safe environment.


Social Skills
We help students understand the concept of empathy that is appropriate at their age level. Through teamwork and interactions, we aim to build their communication skills and encourage them to exchange with different people. 

Children are able to discuss their ideas with others. They are free to speak their minds and voice their opinions in a safe and encouraging environment. 

Global Vision
We aim to broaden students’ knowledge by introducing cultural topics from different parts of the world. Students will get an opportunity to develop an appreciation for different languages, art forms and dances through our enrichment programmes.  

Critical Thinking
We create an environment whereby students are encouraged to identify different perspectives and angles to solve a problem. This allows our students to be creative yet logical as they use existing tools that are given to them.  

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