Hip Hop Dance Class – Week 2


For our second Hip Hop dance class, the students were taught an essential hip hop basic known as “The Front Step”! This dance move is simple and easy for kids to pick up and add to their growing knowledge of how to bust a move once any music plays. In every dance class, stretching and warm-ups are conducted first, followed by a quick recap on everything they have learnt so far. A new dance move will then be taught to the whole class before each individual goes through the steps with our Hip Hop dance instructor one-on-one. Finally, the whole class will apply the newly learnt dance move together with some fun and up-beat music!

Pop Dance Class – Week 1



For our first Pop dance class this week, we will be teaching Fancy by famous K-pop girl group, TWICE! This choreography is known for its upbeat tempo and unique hand movements. Our instructor here is showing the full choreography of the chorus.

However, students will get to learn the simplified version of the dance and channel all their energy into performing it with a lively and bright attitude! See you there!

Parents’ Media Literacy Talk by Ms. Carol Loi from Singapore

We were very honoured to have Ms. Carol Loi from SgVillage who conducted the Media Literacy for Children Workshop yesterday.

This interactive session covered how parents can build a strong foundation to enable their children to thrive in the 21st century. There were interactive dialogues on how parents can lead family discussions relating to setting healthy media boundaries. We hope that parents who attended this workshop found the information meaningful.

Carol Loi is a digital literacy educator, family life educator as well as a John Maxwell Certified trainer and coach on leadership and communication skills. She is also a Fellow of the Centre for Media Literacy. She spent over two decades in Singapore’s public service, including the Economic Development Board, the Ministry of Education as well as the Info- communications Media Development Authority.

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