With over 26 years of continuous teaching methodology improvement and proven teaching results, Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS) is one of the leading institutions that provide personalized language and culture courses to thousands of students of all ages and proficiency levels from all around the world. For years, VLS has also been a trusted partner for many businesses stationed in and outside of Vietnam because we offer excellence and commitment to each and every client.

Our Instructors
At VLS, our instructors are put through vigorous and continuous training programs to ensure that they are equipped with comprehensive knowledge and teaching skills necessary to deliver a quality, interactive and enriching academic environment.

Our Teaching Methodology
Our teaching methodology puts great emphasis on personalized teaching and learning, and Communicative Approach. With extensive research, class lessons are designed to ensure your comprehensive growth and return on investment.

Our instructors do not teach the same lessons to all students. We tailor our programs based on your proficiency level and needs. We also prioritize your goals and interests, making sure that what you learn is truly relevant to your life and personal, academic and professional goals.

Additionally, working toward creating a Communicative Approach based language learning environment that facilitates maximum engagement, each lesson is integrated with exercises that encourage spontaneous and continuous production of Vietnamese phrases and sentences. The lecture time is kept at its optimal length to ensure clarity and, more importantly, allow enough time for you to practice the target language by using your newly learned skills or knowledge to communicate with others during class. As a result, the language acquisition process would happen naturally and at a faster pace through active engagement in real and meaningful communication.

Our Students
For the past 26 years, VLS has been working with over 11,000 students from more than 47 countries. Our students are of various age groups and come from different backgrounds and walks of life. However, they all share the same passion and appreciation for foreign languages and cultural diversity. Our students work ardently toward further improving their Vietnamese language skills, gaining a more profound understanding of the Vietnamese culture and embracing the communities that they are part of.

For more information please visit:
Website: https://vlstudies.com/
Email: contact@vlstudies.com
Hotline: (84-28) 39100168

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