We are Yoga practitioners and are equipped with professional Yoga skills who are passionate in helping children better understand themselves through greater awareness of their own attitudes, behaviors and emotions, as well as those of their family and society. We regularly take part in ongoing training and professional development workshops as well as training other Yoga professionals, creating an environment where knowledge on Yoga is shared throughout the community. With all the tools and knowledge, our Yoga “astronauts” will be trained in their physical, emotional and cognitive aspects each day on Yoga Planet.

Yoga Planet – the first Yoga story-telling program in Vietnam. We are also accredited by the international Yoga Alliance and our teachers are fully certified. Yoga Planet aims to bring the Yoga experience to all children in Vietnam and we hope that in time, there will be many Yoga Planet Ambassadors throughout the country and beyond. Our classes are available at our flagship studio as well as partnering schools.


Storytelling is a forgotten art that we hope to revive as we bring Yoga to the children. Through Yoga stories, children learn a series of poses dedicated to their physical age levels.

They can experience the joys of Yoga through stories and go on adventures to experience the life of the characters in the stories. Told through the lens of laughter and fun, we strongly encourage family participation, where the time on Yoga Planet will no doubt increase a deeper sense of attachment, understanding and love between each family member.

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